Quality Control


Bond Optics LLC - Quality Policy:

It is the policy of Bond Optics to provide our customers with products and services that meet their expectations, satisfy applicable requirements, and continuously improve our quality performance.

Surface Quality

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Bond Optics manufactures components, both coated and uncoated, with surface qualities to 5/3 scratch/dig.

Mechanical Inspection


Bond Optics utilizes a broad range of mechanical inspection equipment to ensure accurate measurement of your custom optical components. Our state of the art, fully automated Zeiss CMM provides accurate and repeatable measurements to provide verification that optical components are manufactured to print specifications. Our mechanical inspection department is also supported by an extensive array of standard metrology equipment that includes:

  • Optical Comparators
  • Micrometers
  • Height Gages
  • to NIST traceable standards

Continuous Improvement

Bond Optics is dedicated to Continuous Improvement through Quality, Efficiency, Green, and Safety opportunities. We have implemented a Kaizen Program to guide and document our plant-wide Continuous Improvement efforts.

Kaizen is process improvement. Bond Optics is committed to cultivating the everyday mindset of continuous improvement, for all employees, from skilled machinists to top management. Employees are trained to think about their tasks at hand (mindfulness), and pay attention to their interaction with their surroundings (awareness). Promoting daily mindfulness and awareness is how Bond Optics identifies opportunities for improvement. Identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing controlled process-changes to realize such opportunities, is the Kaizen method. When an abnormality occurs, what would prevent reoccurrence? What pressure points exist at my work station? In my job? These are the questions Bond employees ask themselves to get into the Kaizen mindset.