Grinding & Polishing

Single Sided Polishing:

For over fifty years Bond Optics opticians have been grinding and polishing optical parts on our own Bond Research equipment and more recently on our own line of Bond Optics single sided polishing and continuous polishing equipment. The art and craftsmanship of producing finely polished optical components has been taught from one generation of optician to the next. Along with the craftsmanship of our opticians and an understanding of refining and documenting our optical manufacturing processes, we are able to provide our customers with some of the best optical products in the world:

Surface Quality: up to 5/3 scratch/dig

Surface Roughness: 3 Angstroms RMS or better

Surface Flatness: up to 1/40 Wave P-V

Double Sided Planetary Grinding & Polishing:

Double sided planetary grinding & polishing machines are used to process two sides of a parallel optic at the same time. The planetary action of this equipment simultaneously removes equal amounts of material from both sides of the part. Part carriers can be designed to hold a variety of shapes and sizes such as round, elliptical, square, rectangular or polygonal.