Bond Optics utilizes a broad range of laser interferometers to verify all custom optical components meet customer print specifications. All of our Optical Technicians have received training on the use of laser interferometers at Zygo. Below is a list of the Interferometers in our metrology labs:

  • Zygo 18" Verifire (2)
  • Zygo 12" Verifire
  • Zygo 12" GPI XPD
  • Zygo 4" Mark GPI XPS

Bond Optics offers optical testing services. Contact us regarding all of your metrology needs.


Surface Roughness

Bond Optics utilizes a Zygo NewView 7100 Optical Surface Profiler for non-contact surface roughness measurement.


Lens Measurement

We have multiple reference spheres giving us the capability to measure a wide range of radii, both concave and convex.